History of the Curaçao Practical Shooters Club

CPSC oddly enough, a practical shooting sport club, has roots in the indoor shooting arena.
Her founding members received their T-01 training course from Stanley Maduro at the Magnum security Group facilities.

However after successfully completing their course the members felt the need for more of the "practical" side of the sport. This they took up using the range belonging to Trashocu, at that time a trap shooting range.

The first 10  members, finally got their open air shooting opportunity and on November 28th, 1991 when the club charter was drawn up and officially sent to the Minister of Justice, Mr. Knoppel, who signed his agreement with the club charter  under "Landsbesluit no 17, 1992".

March 5th of the same year, the petition was sent to the Minister of Justice for official permission to form a shooting club according to the fire arms law (Wapenverordening) 1931 Artikel 2A. Mr de Windt roamed the corridors of power, instructing, pleading and lobbying his cause, which paid off on November 4th 1992, when the process was finalized at Ministerial level as docket No. 1587/JAZ. CPSC finally got there.

Not one to wait for paint to dry, mr. De Windt pushed and that same year CPSC became a foreign member of the US Practical Shooting Association (USPSA Nr. FCA-15)

The following year on April 4th the CPSC hosted an open house for representatives of Police department, Customs, the Lieutenant governors office, and the other shooting clubs, with demonstrations of practical shooting and extensive explanations on the sport.

Notably is the fact that since the CPSC organized her first shoot-out in 1994 the police department has had her representatives competing in all CPSC open tournaments till this day. The Queens Birthday Invitational of 1994 was a success thanks mainly to the interdiction of Mr. Dave Stanford, then President of the USPSA. 

May 30th 1994, the request to use a part of "Plantage Noordkant", which happens to belong to the De Windt family, as a shooting range. This request was presented due to the fact that the club  was a gypsy up to that point having moved from the Trashocu range, to the "Mijnmaatschappij" range to Rondeklip. Two years later after an exhaustive battle with system, CPSC got to it new home, permit BC nr.94/7604 signed on August 5th 1996. The same year brought a double victory as Mr. Bakhuis was out voted as regional director of the IPSC and Steve Geller became the new director.

The ball was rolling and CPSC, compete in various IPSC events internationally.
Ever since 1994 there has being a Queens Birthday invitational tournament that keeps growing annually. The growth was so positive that in 1999 mr. Nic Alexakos, president of IPSC and WSF visited the island to see for himself how our club was growing.

The new millennium has brought changes and fresh ideas, a new board under Mr. Gregory Marchena, recently elected president of CPSC and his board are pushing hard to better the club in particular and the sport in general. 
CPSC  has come a long way, and in 2001 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Edsel de Windt's brainchild.

Currently the CPSC board is reorganizing things a bit, expanding the amount of internal competitions, redesigning the stages creating more variety for her members.

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