CPSC firing range field rules
Applicable to all members & visitors
Be safe and enjoy the experience

All persons have the obligation to behave themselves in a respectful
and dignified manner when present on the firing range.

No person will be allowed on the range if they are tired, ill tempered,
under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

All persons have the obligation to follow instructions given by the
range officers and / or the Board.

It is absolutely not permitted to take ammunition to or from the range

No person will at any moment discharge a firearm without
supervision of a range officer

No person will  load a firearm without instruction from the range officer. 
The firearm will be unloaded at all times, including when in holster.

No person shall take a firearm out of it's holster at any time without
permission of a range officer.

No person shall ever point a firearm at another person.

No person shall bring their personal firearm to the range without prior
consent from the Board 

Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in removal from the
range and or possible prosecution by the law.

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